Uh oh…

December 16th, 2006

Japan rolls back pacifist pillars – CNN.com

Japan’s conservative government chipped away at two pillars of the country’s postwar pacifism, requiring schools to teach patriotism and upgrading the Defense Agency to a full ministry for the first time since World War II.
There goes the neighborhood. Let’s hope the Japanese people will put down their video games and virtual pets and singing toilet seats for five bloody minutes and figure out what went wrong.

Microsoft looking to run Windows on OLPC

December 5th, 2006

Microsoft looking to run Windows on OLPC – vnunet.com

Gates has publicly criticised the OLPC project, arguing that its small screen and lack of a hard disk make it underpowered.
…right before soiling himself and quickly changing his mind when he realized that people were actually going to start using the things.
Good luck trying to get Windows to run on them.
No, seriously — the goal of this project is to bring third-world countries up to the same level as the rest of the world (as far as computer literacy goes). To be honest, the option (just the option, mind you) to use Windows is actually beneficial to the project, considering the closest competitor (Intel’s $400 WinBox) is nearly four times as expensive as the OLPC model. Good luck trying to get third-world countries to buy that bloated piece of crap — it’s hard enough to get them to sign on to the OLPC project.

As of late…

December 4th, 2006

As of late…
…my eyes and head hurt all.the.fucking.time. It’s a side-effect of having a computer job that requires intense research and 8-9 hours of staring at a bright screen.
…I have three cars that all need fixing.
…parts of my laptop are now held on with tape.
…I’m debating as to whether I need a haircut or not.
…I’ve been ripping CD’s to an XBOX that Nina and I are basically just using as a stereo.
…speaking of said XBOX, I’m trying to finish Halo 2 with Nina in cooperative mode.
…I’ve just finished my third full application at my job.
…I need sleep.

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November 23rd, 2006

Unlocking Cell Phones Now Legal

November 23rd, 2006

U.S. Copyright Office issues new rights – Yahoo! News
In granting the exemption for cell phone users, the Copyright Office determined that consumers aren’t able to enjoy full legal use of their handsets because of software locks that wireless providers have been placing to control access to phones’ underlying programs.
A sign of the better direction our country’s going in now that the power has switched hands? Hmm. We’ll have to see.

Nerd/Geek/Dork Text

November 20th, 2006

OKCupid! The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test

Ha! Turns out I was pure nerd in the test that’s been going around the pages of TMAnime.com and Blog-her.com these days. (I’ll post my own code here because I hate the non-compliant code these things create!)

69 % Nerd, 34% Geek, 30% Dork
For The Record:

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.
A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.
A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.
You scored better than half in Nerd, earning you the title of: Pure Nerd.

The times, they are a-changing. It used to be that being exceptionally smart led to being unpopular, which would ultimately lead to picking up all of the traits and tendences associated with the “dork.” No-longer. Being smart isn’t as socially crippling as it once was, and even more so as you get older: eventually being a Pure Nerd will likely be replaced with the following label: Purely Successful.


My Parazz Account

November 19th, 2006

Hi there, reader! I’m always updating my moblog account (you’ll see its little inline app over on your left) with new pics from my travels in the world! Why don’t you stop on over and take a look!

Computerworld – Ballmer: Linux users owe Microsoft

November 18th, 2006

Computerworld – Ballmer: Linux users owe Microsoft
In a question-and-answer session after his keynote speech at the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) conference in Seattle, Ballmer said Microsoft was motivated to sign a deal with SUSE Linux distributor Novell earlier this month because Linux ‘uses our intellectual property‘ and Microsoft wanted to ‘get the appropriate economic return for our shareholders from our innovation.’
Ballmer — show us the code, or shut the fuck up.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you call “extortion.” Microsoft is feeling highly threatened by Linux these days (especially with the new releases of Ubuntu, which, I must say, are absolutely amazing), so they have started making baseless claims that Linux is “stealing” things from them, while offering up absolutely no evidence of any actual wrongdoing.
“But, if these claims are absolutely baseless, how do they hope to win?” you may ask.
They don’t. They don’t need to. They’re Microsoft. All they have to do is cast doubt in people’s minds that users of Linux may be “stealing intellectual property rights” and they win.
While those of us in the know may think Microsoft are a bunch of clowns, the vast majority of upper-level IT Managers in the world think Microsoft is just the best thing ever. Their software always works (because they make the OS, too), it always works with hardware (because they’ve colluded for years with companies like Intel), and they’re always willing to support and offer updates to their software forever (for a fee, of course).
Hopefully this’ll die down and Microsoft will be exposed for the asshats they are, but it’s going to be quite a struggle.

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October 29th, 2006

Black Cats!

October 29th, 2006

Shelter bans black cat adoptions during Halloween – CNN.com
Though I think this is a good idea — just think of the multitudes of cats that would be adopted and used for some haunted house or some shit and then abandoned right after Halloween — I still think this situation is beyond stupid.
What about those people who think black cats are good luck (the Irish, for one)? 😛